A 38-year-old man with swollen testicles for the past three years has blamed state hospitals of failing to treat his condition.

The man, Rehabeam Shikongo, said thoughts of suicide appears to be his only solution. 

Speaking to US TV talk show host Jimmy Fallon, he said: “There’s a scene where I’m kicking a guy in the balls, the testicles.

“It was a human being, [but] no testicles were injured in the making of the film! We had to do the take over and over again, and the first 10 times it was like, ‘Yeah!’

Jailed Dana Martin allegedly enlisted Mark Staake and Tanner Ruane to kidnap, castrate and murder Justin Bieber, with a $2,500 bounty on his testicles.

He got his testicles trapped in her parents’ toilet seat; she punched him in the face and tried to reverse into his lover’s car

The London District Catholic school board said Mother Teresa secondary school is using stickers bearing a Photoshopped version of the picture of the school’s news team after the picture appearing in the book was found to feature a student with his testicles exposed, The London Free Press reported Thursday.


In rare cases there may be total absence of a second testicle. It may also be a normal situation; the infant has two testicles but one easily retracts during cold weather or in response to touch.

Mr Martin, who says he has owned lurchers for 18 years, wants Humbug to have a vasectomy rather than having the testicles removed.

Ten years later he was found guilty of discharging a .30 gauge rifle while dressed only in his underpants. In 2002, in a harassment case successfully defended by the singer, a young woman alleged that Brown (who was a year older than Lord Kenneth Baker) had brandished a pair of zebra-striped briefs while informing her that he had been implanted with bull’s testicles.

Prosecutors said Van Dalen was nicknamed “Place kicker Paul,” a reference to him kicking Celdon. Prosecutors also said the defendants laughed and called Van Dalen “Paul Van Walnuts” after he spread Celdon’s legs and encouraged Coleman to shoot Celdon in the testicles.

Among the things we learned last year: the male organs of ducks are shaped likecorkscrews and the testicles of bobcats grow to the size of tennis balls in mating season. 

It also seems that the Indian Government cares nothing about softening and making its male population, gentler. It either does nothing, or it threatens to cut off their testicles!


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