yeah beater bemuse it

“Testicles are one of the most necessary and sensitive parts of the male body and yet, considering how important they are, extremely vulnerable to injury. Ask any man what a blow to the testicles feels like and the look on his face says it all. Visit a zoo or farm and you are apt to see lots of testicles hanging out, waving in the breeze as if they haven’t got a care in the world, completely unprotected by bone and muscle as are other valuable parts of the body.” [1]

A 22 year old mother was charged with felony child endangerment Tuesday after her 6-month-old son’s testicles were chewed off by a friend’s pit bull mix in Riverside County.

Testicles are two small organs located in the scrotum, the sac that hangs behind the penis.

“My baby was having a little bit of yak, a little bit of curry goat, a little bit of duck balls,” Lakshmi laughs. “I’ve eaten a lot of testicles in my days … I’ve had bull’s cojones … I’ll try anything once.”

But you can also extract a great deal of information from the human body itself- from the design of the penis to the volume of the testicles to the sperm-producing potential of the testicular tissue and the way we have sex.

But Ramakgale Mokoena claimed in mitigation that he put his hands around Tebogo Brenda Ramafatse’s throat to make her let go of his testicles.

1 – Reid, L. (1 July 2010). Why testicles aren’t better protected. Retrieved 1 July 2010,


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4 Responses to yeah beater bemuse it

  1. Linda Reid says:

    You have plagiarized text from an article I wrote for Kindly remove the text or cite your reference.

    Linda Reid

  2. Nick Manning says:

    “You probably already have the lightning reflexes needed to shoot your hands down their when danger threatens. Keep practising. You never know when a wayward kick or out-of-control baseball is going to come your way..” – Linda Reid

  3. Selin says:

    Linda, I can understand your concern. However telling by the sound of your thoroughly mediocre and unfascinating take on “kooky” man-part science, Dand wouldn’t be getting any “credit” whatsoever for having copied and pasted it onto his entry. You need not worry. Really.

    • Linda Reid says:

      Let’s see what you have taken hours to research and write, Selin. Really. I want to see it. And as my piece was written as a satire and meant to entertain, you obviously haven’t a sense of humour. Poor you. Have you actually read the whole thing or is that difficult for you?

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